The association

Alpes de Lumière is 65 years of awareness actions, restoration and knowledge sharing dedicated to the promotion of natural and built heritages, to the Provence's landscape and building savoir-faire.

Created in 1953, Alpes de Lumière is an non-profit organization, state-approved and its recognized work as being of general interest.


Its objectives :

  • Increase our knowlegde of the wealth of the territory and promote them

  • Pass on knowledge and savoir-faire, raise awareness, train and educate

  • Be a part of the cultural life of the territory and encourage a responsible development of territories.

  • Forge links between the several territory players and include the local people in its management.

Alpes de Lumière, whose the vocation is make known and highlight natural and built heritages of Provence, acts throught several tools :

  • Activity development on the territory

  • Voluntary workcamp

  • Editions

  • Design office

To fully respond to heritage development projects, Alpe de Lumière adapts its tools according to their specificities.

Every year, Alpes de Lumière  manages a territorial development program adressed to diffrent publics :

  • Elected representatives, associations and experts through the program Petrafolia

  • Suitable for all with congresses, guided tour of sites, events, exhibitions, all-night parties, citizen days and introductory courses

  • School audience to introduce children to the issues of regional spacial planning.